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贞观电器Zhenguan Electric
定时器跨时代的开拓者Timer epochal pioneer
定时器、牵引器国家标准的唯一制定者Sole designer of timer, retractor national standard
It has adopted the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, and all its products have adopted CCC, CQC, CE, TUV and other international and Chinese certifications.
借助中国家电生产基地--慈溪及临近宁波港的地理优势,产品远销欧洲、美国、韩国、日本、印度、巴基斯坦、菲律宾,泰国、香港等国家和地区。长期为美的、三洋、 LG 荣事达、新乐、金羚等众多知名品牌服务。、
By virtue of Cixi, the home appliance production base in China, and adjacent Ningbo Port, Zhenguan Electric products are exported to Europe, the US, Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. It has been serving for Midea, Sanyo, LG, Royalstar, Xinle, Jinling and other famous brands for a long time.
It can produce more than 50 million parts and components every year; so it is undoubtedly the leader of washer timer industry, with the largest production scale in China.
贞观电器Zhenguan Electric
贞观 继承父辈宏志,提倡借鉴与创新精神,融合日本的先进技术,勇于创新,自主研发的干衣机程控器已经处于国际领先水平,成为国内唯一拥有这项技术的高端企业。
 Zhenguan continues the dreams of last generation, advocates learning and innovating spirits, integrates Japanese advanced technologies, brave to innovate, and it becomes the sole high-end enterprise with its internationally leading proprietary technology of clothes dryer program controller.
贞观 引进国内外先进的生产设备,从产品设计、模具开发、零部件加工到成品装配都配备了专业的设备和生产流水线,为客户提升了价值和服务。
Zhenguan introduces domestically and internationally advanced production equipment, has specialized equipment and production lines from product design, mold development, parts and components processing to finished product assembly, which has increased value and service for customers.
贞观 为客户真诚服务,对客户负责一直是贞观人不变的理念,每一个产品出厂都必须经过严格的检验,以卓越的科技与完美的品质服务四海商客。
Zhenguan serves for customers sincerely, and it is eternal philosophy of Zhenguan people to accountable to customers, so every product shall be subject to strict inspection before shipment, offering excellent technology, perfect quality and service to all commercial guests.
Who may travel through the time and space, and who will control the time? The birth of Zhenguan timer is undoubtedly a forward point in the coordinate of human science history, it plays time around its fingers, and our life is changed due to Zhenguan……
贞观之治Zhenguan Administration
大唐盛世 Tang Dynasty Prosperous
贞观之治也Zhenguan Administration
天地之道The way of world
贞观者也is Zhenguan, then
贞观者What is Zhenguan?
观天下It is viewing the world.
In 627 A.D., Emperor Li Shimin of Tang Dynasty changed his reign title into “Zhenguan”, and created the “Prosperity of Zhenguan” since then. He is the best example of ancient Chinese leader with insight strategies and absorptive cultures, who deserves our respect and worship for his generous soul and kingly character. After him, few emperors could rival though the legend of Zhenguan was remembered for more than one thousand years. In the sky of Chinese history, the glory of Zhenguan ever disappears due to warfare or disaster; on the contrary, it becomes more resplendent after epochs.
In 1995, Mr. Tang Jianjun, chairman of the Board of Directors, named this company as “Zhenguan Electric”, meaning to create a similar prosperity as “Zhenguan” in business operation. So far, Zhenguan people are working hard for fifteen years, and Zhenguan Electric has become the largest washer timer producer in China.
The culture of Zhenguan is the perfect combination of Zhenguan philosophy and modern culture. It follows the Zhenguan spirits of union and endeavor, practice and innovation, diligence and hardworking, efforts and exploration; it advocates the values of “trust, responsibility, sharing and gratitude”, and persist in the corporate purpose of “meeting world talents and making great the splendor of Zhenguan”. It is committed to building Zhenguan into a first-class supplier specialized in washer timer, retractor, drainage pump technical service and manufacturing.
Led by Zhenguan culture, one after another generation of Zhenguan people keep in minds their missions: to create values and services for customers, to create platforms for employees, and to become the leader of the industry. In the twenty-first century, Zhenguan people is fighting bravely for building a first-class precision technology-driven enterprise in China, and prepared to embrace another prosperity of “Zhenguan” with full passions.


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